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Step-by-step guidance to create a masterful profile that attracts exactly the kind of opportunities you want. Guaranteed to attract more of what you want.


How to make your online profile job hunt for you

Set up your profile to attract the right job and resonate with decision-makers putting you in control of your career.

Experience the ultimate LinkedIn mini-course created by career expert Courtney Kirschbaum  

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Gain more professional strength

You're hired when you

- Inspire confidence and trust

- Show how you add value

- Stand out from the crowd (in the right way)

- Deliver a memorable first impression that makes them want to learn more about you

- Show authority, value, and credibility

- Emphasize relevant accomplishments

 - Start conversations

 - Solve their problems

The video modules deliver easy-to-follow "one-and-done" steps. Easiest binge-watch ever!  


Whether it's having hiring managers forking over fat salaries and big benefits packages to get you in the door or clients who are eager to buy... we got you covered.

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How this self-paced, course saves you time

  • Discover ONE settings tweak that can boost your profile views by as much as 40%  
  • Quickly and easily swipe what works for you 
  • Get templates and samples so you publish posts and articles that attract the right audience
  • Get the "nerdy" secret that takes you straight to the jobs you want
  • Get a "Make It Go Viral" checklist showing you how to explode your views, clicks, and comments
  • The two most effective posts to attract jobs
  • A secret using LinkedIn articles to emphasize your skills, experience, and wins without bragging.
  • How to write a message to anyone for anything

Your LinkedIn profile's not going to re-write itself! Get in on this. 

"Your class has absolutely launched my LinkedIn into the stratosphere!"

Jon Macaskill, NAVY SEAL, Macaskill Consulting, USA

'"CK, I think you have nailed it! I've been through LinkedIn Boost and learned a lot. I strongly recommend all professionals. This will change lives. Keep up the good work." 

 Debashish Sen, Business Transformation Consultant

"I recommend taking advantage of this program if you're able, as she really covers in-depth how to improve your standing on LinkedIn and in your job search" 

Sean Dwyer, Customer Experience Expert

Go from crickets to clicks with a few simple changes

Entertaining, step-by-step video modules get you there fast

  • Make your LinkedIn profile readable and your LinkedIn message memorable. (Bonus: answering this makes you kind of irresistible)
  • The secret to getting a headline that pulls readers into your profile.
  • Six tricks to make yours clickable perfection (without the expense of a professional photographer) Who has time for that? 
  • One word that will have people wanting to know more about what it would be like to work with you  
  • What to put in your posts and profile to get readers to contact you.
  • Get the secret for using your "current job" work experience to attract your next employer.
  • Include just enough resume-like content to make them want to see more, without being repetitive
  • Tools to make your writing easier and faster and cave time with checklists galore
  • Know what to lead with and what to leave out  

"A recruiter messaged me about a job I wanted within a week of posting my new profile. Who knew it could be this easy!?"

...What's inside...

  • The exact steps to create a profile that attracts jobs and commands respect.
  • How to adjust every setting so you're not "accidentally" invisible.
  • How to make any photo look like a professional headshot.
  • The six rules to select photos that people love!
  • Exactly how to write winning posts with over 50 places to get content and easy to implement ideas for how to use them.
  • Easy-to-follow screen-print samples and step-by-step settings changes for optimum visibility and searchability.
  • How to write a smart, professional "jobseeker post" that get thousands of views and a job!
  • Over 20 free tools for writing like a pro, editing your photos, grabbing clips,
  • Samples of profiles, summaries, headlines, 30+ Call-to-Action samples, graphics, and resources that make your profile transformation fast
  • 15 Cheatsheets, checklists and swipe lists including toolset to make your profile work for you 24/7.
  • Tips tricks, checklists and tools to save you time.
  • All trainings are video or listen to the MP3.

...Love for LinkedIn Boost...

"Wow...just started and great info! I've just followed #LinkedInBoost and #LinkedInChallenge hashtags. Can't wait to get through all the other LinkedIn Boost lessons!!

 Denise Weiss, USA

"If you truly believe in the concept of "always be learning," LinkedIn Boost is definitely for you. ...You can truly understand what changes you need to make in your profile and overall approach to LinkedIn to be successful. Courtney Kirschbaum CEO & Founder of Job Hunt School is a great instructor and connection and is truly here to help us be successful. 

Rickie Singleton, Director of Project Management, Comcast, USA 

"It was not until I met Courtney that I began to understand the inner workings of LinkedIn and how subtle changes in the profile can create massive response from the community. Connecting and working with Courtney directly or through LinkedIn Boost was an absolute joy. Her collaborative approach meant that I was able to find a solution that best suited my experience and personality and ultimately delivered the results that I have been missing. Well worth the investment. Great job Courtney!"

Marek Waselewski, Award-winning global strategist, Texas USA 

LinkedIn secrets to love:

Strategically showcase your value and experience to build trust.

Replace wrong word overused words with right ones. 

Pique interest to get more profile views and post responses.

Establish unshakeable credibility using this secret LinkedIn feature. 

Appeal to decision-makers hiring for positions that interest you.

Establish real connections to build a reliable, network of supporters.

Instant connection with this one masterful "word switch" to your profile. 

Strike the right balance of experience & potential.

Learn a simple trick to see new opportunities the minute they're posted.

Create Instant engagement using what's already on your profile.

Be original memorable and real. People naturally want to learn more about you.

Wow them with your content taking only actions that get results, you get instant results.


" summary was about as interesting as watching paint dry. Several months into my job search, my profile views, traffic, and job offers were flatlining. Hard. I always told my students that the minute they struggle or don’t understand something, to reach out for help. So, I took my own advice and did exactly that. The classes were excellent, breaking down how to write an effective headline or how to time your posts, and every lesson came with handy little guides to take notes." 

Caitlin Lemon, MA, North Carolina, USA

"Well worth the cost!"

Very valuable information I thoroughly enjoyed the thought-provoking, well-structured, and highly insightful courses. I thought I had a firm grasp on how to maximize the benefits of LinkedIn and the truth is I was barely scratching the surface. The best part about this was how real-time, action-able this content was. Here's how I found myself using this content: 1. Learn something useful and critical to enhancing my LinkedIn presence 2. Press "Pause" 3. Click over to my LinkedIn profile page, make an adjustment, press "Save"4. Click back to the lesson and press 'Play' 5. Repeat steps 1 - 4."  

Mark Villalovos, Chicago 


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Your LinkedIn profile matters most

"What a stupid waste of time! I'm quitting LinkedIn!"

That was me after 10 years on LinkedIn - the last one posting frequently, even videos and articles - all that barely moving the needle! For two years nothing I did seemed to work.

Looking back, the fix was so simple. I can't believe I missed it. Today

-- 60% of my clients come from LinkedIn
-- 90% of my clients get a job offer based on their Linkedin Profile, not their resumé.

For the record, I didn't send one annoying InMail message or buy ads and I don't have a newsletter. You don't need any of this either.

If you're anything like me, you're too busy to invest hours and hours on LinkedIn or anywhere. Yet you know you should be doing "something." If that's you, LinkedIn Boost is exactly what you need. Fast.

Boosters love this mini-course because it guides you through you setting up your profile the right way (one time!) and you'll go straight to the actions that deliver results and can skip the hit or miss stage. Get the profile and the career you deserve.

Boost works and it's a blast. See you inside.

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