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LinkedIn Boost

A self-paced mini-course created by Job Hunt School founder, Courtney Kirschbaum  

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Get On The Waitlist

Your LinkedIn Profile is your most powerful tool to get hiring managers and recruiters begging for what you offer and forking over fat salaries and plump benefits packages to get you in the door.

Here's how you can INSTANTLY sharpen yours

Imagine having a profile that says: professional, capable, accomplished. One where you easily...

- Inspire confidence and trust that makes readers say, "this one's perfect!"

- Show in a clear, relatable way how you add value

- Make you stand out from the crowd of profiles that read like the public notices page of a news paper (never read one have you? Exactly.)

- Deliver a memorable first impression that makes them want to know more about you

- Heighten your authority, value and credibility

- Have them picturing you doing the job (well) and excited to work with you

- Connect with personality, originality and accomplishments 

- Highlight personal details to naturally build liking and trust (this is who they hire!)

 - Get readers excited about what you can do for them  

 - Start conversations

- Inspire optimism

 - Open doors 

Here's the self-paced, video-based LinkedIn course you've been waiting for and...

That will have recruiters thinking, "YES! This is the ONE!" This will be the easie binge-watch ever. These 8, easy-to-complete modules deliver a satisfying series of "One-and-done steps.  

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With a few easy tweaks and strategic edits, you'll go from crickets to clicks


... Sneak Peek ...

  • Just change a few settings and make a few tweaks and boost your profile views by as much as 40%. 
  • Get a simple, effective "recipe" to write a captivating job seeker post
  • Get the #1 power rule for LinkedIn success that makes people want to join your network
  • Learn how to you can use #hashtags to find your way directly to jobs and topics that interest you
  • Get a secret to finding freshly posted jobs, that are a fit for you 
  • Get a "Make It Go Viral " checklist showing you how to get hundreds of views, clicks and comments
  • Get thousands of FREE professional photos for your articles, posts and profile banner
  • Get ideas and easy-to-follow visuals with 20+ profile before-and-afters 
  • Quickly and easily swipe what works for you.
  • Use LinkedIn articles to showcase your work and accomplishments
  • Get free premium tools to grab videos, graphics, emojis and a free LinkedIn tool to track your progress

 Available for a limited time only. Way shorter than football season. Get in on this!

"CK, I think you have nailed it! I have been through LinkedIn Boost ?and learned a lot. I strongly recommend all professionals. This will change lives. Keep up the good work." 

 Debashish Sen, Business Transformation Consultant

"So far, four Managing Directors contacted me about how I can help their company and how we can work together."

Alagu Suthan Mariappan, Singapore

  • "Your ideas about post timings and keywords helped to get more than 13,000 views of my post, 150+ shares and increased my views more than 200%."
  • "My profile search appearances increased from 70 to 220 within a week."

"Your class has absolutely launched my LI into the stratosphere!"

Jon Macaskill, NAVY SEAL, Macaskill Consulting, USA


The verdict is ....amazing! Very valuable information - well worth the cost of this program!!

- Mark Villalovos, Chicago 


"I thought it was awesome!"

Infinitely better than what I had before and I thought what I had before was good.

John Hawley

 Navy Surface Warfare Officer, Virginia Beach, VA


“Hello Courtney, Just to thank you for your great training."

 I have changed my headlines and completely created a new summary ... it's already more powerful, because I know my target.  

Olivier Joureau 

LinkedIn Boost Student, Geneva Switzerland


"Big Thumbs UP.  

Mike Canfield 

Automobile Industry Customers Service Expert, Atlanta USA


"Great module Courtney. It made me rethink my personal brand entirely based on what I want to accomplish with LinkedIn. Thanks for sharing this very rich content!"

Enrolled November 2018 

Florida, USA


"Halfway through Linkedin Boost and I've learned so much! "

Thanks Courtney Kirschbaum for including this for Job Hunt School Students. Incredible value add!  

James Rice

Sales Director, Wine, Beer, Spirits and Cannabis Industry, Ohio USA

"I would certainly recommend Boost to anyone wanting to up their LinkedIn Game."

Rob Lattu

Project Manager leading US Navy's largest outreach mission, Singapore

"Courtney does an outstanding job building relationships with her clients. "

She works hard to learn each client’s needs and their environment. Courtney is not scared to jump in and help out when needed. Not only is she friendly and personable, compassionate, she was also extremely knowledgeable and experienced as a job coach and instructor.  

Karthik K., India

Lead LinkedIn Strategist & Growth Hacker, India

" I loved it. Big thumbs up. Learnt lots of new things and ideas. Presentation was perfect as well, great annotations and descriptions."

Jason Noble

Global Customer Service Director, VP & Leader, United Kingdom

In easy-to-follow, entertaining modules, you get an easier way to

  • The one question to answer to easily make your LinkedIn profile readable and your LinkedIn message memorable. (Bonus: answering this makes you kind of irresistible)
  • Write a head-turning headline that pulls readers into your profile. Headlines are 80% of your success
  • Get a powerful profile photo and 6 tricks to make yours clickable perfection (without the expense of a professional photographer) Who has time for that? 
  • The one word you can use to have people happily reading more about you... and wanting to know more...about what it would be like to work with you  
  • Learn how use a CTA to inspire readers to contact you 
  • Not employed now? Get a secret for using your "current job" work experience to create an evocative picture for employer's
  • How to include just enough resume-like content to make them want to see more, without being repetitive
  • Free writing tools to make all you writing easier, better, and faster and making you memorable
  • Save time with checklists galore
  • Know what to lead with and what to safely leave out  

Here's what you get...

Five binge-able video modules that will have you asking, "Who knew it could be this easy!?"

  • Screen-print samples and step-by-step guidance to get all your settings diaed-in for optimum visibility and searchability
  • Guidanace for how and when to post, like and comment with examples
  • You get 1000's of free photos and tools to create word/picture graphics
  • A LinkedIn activity schedule. When do you share, like, comment? What the $#&! do you post? All sorted and scheduled for you. Result: your profile is read by people who want to hire you.
  • Samples of profiles, summaries, headlines, 30+ Call-to-Action samples, graphics and resources that make boosters say "Who knew this even existed?!"
  • Cheatsheets and swipe lists and writing tools to make it EASY!


  • Linkedin For Entrepreneurs Kit
  • How to structure a your profiles if your an independent contractor or entrepreneur

...Love for LinkedIn Boost...

"It was not until I met Courtney that I began to understand the inner workings of LinkedIn and how subtle changes in the profile can create massive response from the community. Connecting and working with Courtney directly or through LinkedIn Boost was an absolute joy. Her collaborative approach meant that I was able to find a solution that best suited my experience and personality and ultimately delivered the results that I have been missing. Well worth the investment. Great job Courtney!"

Marek Waselewski, Award-winning global strategist, Texas USA 

"Make a LinkedIn profile.” That’s what they told me at my university career center, and so I did. When I say I had no idea what I was doing, I am not exaggerating. My headline was “Graduate Assistant at {University} and my summary was about as interesting as watching paint dry. Several months into my job search, my profile views, traffic, and job offers were flat lining. Hard. I always told my students that the minute they struggle or don’t understand something, to reach out for help. So, I took my own advice and did exactly that. The classes were excellent, breaking down how to write an effective headline or how to time your posts, and every lesson came with handy little guides to take notes. 

Caitlin Lemon, MA, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA -

Savor my top LinkedIn secrets to:

Make connections with people you'd LOVE to have in your network

Replace the one word 99.9% of profiles overuse with the one that converts readers to raving fans

Pique curiousity to get more profile views and post responses

Strategically show work samples that build your authority

Create a targeted headline that entices new poeple to your profile

Establish unshakeable credibility using the single most poswerful (and under-used) LinkedIn feature 

Build trust with one easy addition to your profile 

Strike the right balance between career past and future

See opportunities you've been missing as soon as they're posted

Appeal to readers who are hiring for positions that interest you

Be original and memorable

Share quality content in way that draws new members into your network

... There's always that one question ...

Every module has a comments section that's private to Boosters. You can ask any question that comes up as you move throught he content. You ask away in this private learning platform. Don't blink because our response rates are lightning quick...

Black and white or color? I've been using a pofessional black and white, thinking it would stand out. Your thoughts?  

-- Mike Canfield

That depends on a few things ...

I'm not currently working therefore, I can't be classified as an All-Star. Is there anything I can do to change this? 

-- Willie Wilkes III

There is a great way to handle this and get an All Star. Try this... 

You can see my answers to these and all the questions boosters post in LinkedIn Boost.

"If you truly believe in the concept of "always be learning," LinkedIn Boost is definitely for you. ...You can truly understand what changes you need to make in your profile and overall approach to LinkedIn to be succssful. Courtney Kirschaum CEO & Founder of Job Hunt School is a great instructor and connection and is truly here to help us be successful. 

Rickie Singleton, Director of Project Management, Comcast, USA 

Here for a limited time only

Who's Courtney? 

 I'm a big-time (if it wasn't so over-used, I'd say "passionate") advocate for you - in your career and in your job hunt. 

If you're anything like me, you're too busy to invest hours on LinkedIn. Yet you know you should be doing "something" with your profile. I've so got you covered.

Boosters love this mini-course. Set your profile up right one time and it works for you while you get on with your life. As in: low maintenance, high return.

If I can do this, anyone can. In just one year, I went from 2k to 27k followers and over $20k in sales. 

Boost works and it's a blast. See you inside!

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