5 Mistakes Even Smart Job Seekers Make
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Learn the five secrets of a massively successful job hunt.  

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  • How to revive your resume and other writing by using words that attract people who want you. 
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  • You need to know about this workforce exodus that's making room for you to move up and make more $$.

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These 5 Pillars Open Doors For You 

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  • Get a secret element that makes you a much more appealing candidate. It's also the key to inspiring others to help you.

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About Courtney Kirschbaum

Courtney Kirschbaum is a career strategist and award-winning speaker and TEDx presenter who loves helping job seekers believe in themselves and find that right job where you can reach your potential. 

A leader in the world’s largest consulting firms, she built teams at all levels, managing projects accross the US, Europe and Asia. 

If you read Fast Company, Business News Daily or CIO Magazine you may have already seen her career advice. Courtney’s work has inspired thousands of young professionals and job seekers to get more rewarding careers.

She created Job Hunt School to put the power to find and get work you love in your hands.


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