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Want a Better Job and Shorter Job Hunt? 

 In Job Hunt School, You learn to attract offers and easily get your ideal salary.  

Are you ready to hear…

  • "I love what I see on your resume, can we talk tomorrow?" 
  • “You’re just what we’ve been looking for.”
  • “You’re a perfect fit! What salary will it take to get you to say 'Yes’?”

Be the candidate recruiters love and employers expedite offers for.

Elimiate worries about not finding a job “in time” or blowing through your savings

I'm Courtney Kirschbaum, I created Job Hunt School to give you a proven plan for your job hunt. You get the information you need to make clear-sighted choices to take you and your career where you want to go, while saving weeks of savings-depleting non-responses and mis-matches.

"I’ve just signed up for Job Hunt School this week and I’m already learning loads of information!! There is a ton of information in Courtney’s program and I’ve only started chipping away at it. Not sure about it? Take advantage of the freebies that she offers and taste for yourself."

Susan L. Martin, Employee Communications & Marketing, Florida USA 

You Get the Job You Deserve

🛡 Go straight to a job that's the right fit for you (and where you can do your best work.)

🛡 Easily showcase your talents and value in a way that makes employers want to hire you. 

🛡 Get generous first offers that meet your most ambitious salary requirements. 

  •  Learn where to find stashes of unposted jobs. 
  • Get responses to your applications.
  • Ace interviews and get offers. 
  •  Get a job that fits your life where you can grow your career.

Job Hunt School is a self-paced, online program, combined with live coaching.

  • Know what to put in your profiles to attract recruiters and hiring managers. 
  • Turn heads of employers who may have ignored you before. 
  • Learn how to tune your LinkedIn profile so employers treat you like a rare find. 
  •  Unlock the door to "can't refuse" offers for great jobs.  

If you’re serious about your career and want a proven plan and strategy to get a better jobs and more money, Job Hunt School might be right for you. 

Welcome Inside

As soon as you enroll, you'll get instant access to all program materials in your private member area. 

Five sections of video-based, frustration-annihilating job hunt know-how transform you into a sought-after candidate who gets offers for higher level jobs.

Watch online or download the videos, MP3s and cheat sheets. Go through the program at your own pace. All the materials and updates are yours for life.

Questions? We've got you covered. Join a live coaching session. 

How You Get a Job (fast.)

The Five (Eye-Opening, "A-ha" Moment Packed) Phases

Your Plan for a Results-Getting Job Hunt 


 98 out of 100 candidates can't do these job-getting things ... can you?

  • In eight words or less, state what you do and for whom?
  • Know what freely available resource to use to establish your correct salary for a given job in a given market?
  • Impress an employer with your "superpower" and give two examples of where and how you created value using it?
  • Have one of these stories practiced and ready: "Get up fall down", "Woe-to-win," "The time I proved them all wrong!"

Great job! How’d you do? Making contact is a key part of your job hunt and career success. Are you as job hunt savvy on those questions? 

What you need to know to succeed 

  • Get the secret to setting a clear direction in your job hunt.  
  • How to design a values-based job search.
  • The “potluck dinner” trick to dissolve job search anxiety. 
  • A job hunt checklist that will get you past virtually any challenge.
  • A step-by-step method to determine your value and set your salary in the marketplace. (Most popular in this section👍)


Learn the trick to finding top jobs (that aren't advertised.) 

"I just finished reviewing "Contact" on Job Hunt School. I realize I have been doing this process all wrong which explains my years of frustration. 

I decided to go straight to the source of the job I wanted. The person actually conversed with me and encouraged me to submit an application. These insights are amazing!" - Destiny Simms, USA

  • Do you know where employers look for candidates and in what order they go there? (HINT: Job boards are way down the list.)
  • Name two employers who would consider you an ideal candidate and want to hire somone like you? 

Nice work! Are your resume and profiles working for you or against you? Find out in the Compose section.

Make contact with the right people and networks. 

  • What to put in your profiles that makes employers click "Connect."
  • What to do to your profile photo to increase your click rate by 40%  
  • How to find the job you really want on the “dark market.” The want ads and job boards offer just a sliver of what's available and usually not what you want. Don’t settle. Learn how to navigate this side of the job market. (Most popular in this section👍)
  • How to quickly and easily get past keyword scanners.  
  • When to apply, even if you think you're not qualified and how to get employers to see your potential. 
  • A checklist for what to do and what not to do when working with recruiters. 


Let's make your resume and profiles draw admirers.  

  • Are you using CTAs and stories that get employers interested and excited to learn more about you. (Do recruiters contact you on a regular basis?) 
  • When people connect with you on LinkedIn, do they say, "Great profile" or "Excellent headline!" If not, your profile is under-performing (and might be a liability.)
  • Do your professional peers connect with you regularly on LinkedIn? One a week? a month, a year?

Have you ever suspected your profiles or resume might be holding you back? Do you have a plan to do something about that?

So far so good! See if you can push the buttons that will make employers want to Connect?

  • Professional copywriting tactics to create original, compelling profiles that give you a polished, professional image.  
  • The resume mistake 99% of people make; the "ABC" method to fix it fast. (Most popular in this section👍)
  • The visual secrets to creating a resume that people want to pick up and read.
  • The 4-Corner tool to write an interview-getting cover letter quickly and easily every time.
  • Reliable communication tactics that get better results
  • How to authentically promote yourself in all your writing with elegance, not ego. 


I joined in just a couple of days ago. I highly recommend utilizing the "Unforgettable Interview Tool" in the Connect section of the class material. I used it to prepare for my phone interview today. It truly helped me structure my pitch as well as helping me discuss all my important strengths relevant to the job and provide examples to substantiate them. Thank you Courtney Kirschbaum. 

Job Hunt School Shcholar, USA

 Do you know these techniqes to dazzle them with credibility? You Will. 

  • name five kinds of social proof that make employers trust you to do the job and make them want to hire you? 
  • use the 5 tactics that make a hiring manager want to make you an offer on the spot? (And they're not industry specific.)
  • say, "No, thank you" to an offer in a way that will make them practically beg to know what they have to do to get you to say "Yes"?
  • Five social proof tactics that make them run into a burning building to hire you.  
  • Five psychological tactics to get decision-makers to hire you.
  • The art of curating your own “brand” (even if you don’t think you have one.)  
  • A one-hour trick to interview better than 99% of other candidates. (Most popular in this section👍)
  • The 4 things hiring managers look for before making an offer.
  • How to use social proof to get more responses.  
  • Getting the job can be a matter of a few phrases in the right place at the right time. Learn them.


You won't sign away your rights without realizing it.  

  • Can you name four common restrictive clauses in your employment contract? These can hamstring your career for up to three years after you leave an employer.
  • Do you know how to ask for restrictive clauses to be removed in a way that won't insult your future employer, but will make them respect and want to hire you even more?
  • Do you know why the salary figure you give should never have this one particular characteristic and why? 

If you don't learn these things in Job Hunt School, please learn them somewhere. 

  • How to succeed in your negotiation using the "Surrender Ritual."
  • How to manage your negotiation from start to finish (Most popular in this section👍)  
  • The 5 decision traps to be aware of in your job hunt (and your career.)  
  • What is TCP? And how to get the best one.  
  • The "NDA Tactic" to never tell them your salary again.  
  • When you have the power in the interview process and how to use it.  
  • How to avoid Signing Bonus traps.
  • What you need to know before signing your employment contract.
  • More about money, benefits and the sublime to ridiculous predicaments you can find yourself in as you job hunt.

You Get Coaching & Support 

The minute you enroll, the Career Common Room will be your new go-to place to get answers whenever you need them. This exclusive, private online community is where scholars go to ask real questions and get REAL answers. Unexpected things come up in every job hunt. Should you go to HR? Take the lateral move? Your employer wants to give you more work but not more money? What should you do?

Each month, live coaching sessions are part of the program. Attend a scheduled session or request a special topic session.  

In this warm, friendly, open community of supportive, positive people, you'll see how others are experiencing their job hunt and career. Grab a seat, take a deep breath and tell me what's on your mind. 


"I can't tell you how valuable this is."

I feel like I stumbled upon the world's greatest gem. 

Marissa Maitland, New Hampshire

"I got the job!"

I have to say it was because of you! I was so scared to try because of fear of rejection but your program gave me the confidence to put myself out there...

Marissa Lafata, Virginia USA

"You have got to hear Courtney"

She will help you recognize your value and give you the motivation you need to stretch for loftier goals, share and achieve them.  

Jan Neal, Nashville, Tenessee

"A master at what she does"

Courtney Kirschbaum is a master at what she does - inspiring people. She advocates and encourages others not to play it safe.

TaVon Wilson, Washington D.C

"I am blown away by the detailed information

Courtney gives in this program! 

Kenzie Kohler, Vail, Colorado

"I am at a major crossroads in my career"

and not 100% sure of what I want to do. You’ve given me the courage to go after what I want.  

Daisy Buck Kohler, Birmingham, Alabama

"Suddenly, I found myself unemployed...

I knew that I had to do something fast, but what? I had had several years of unsuccessful applications and job interviews prior to landing my most recent employment. I wondered how I would secure a new job with so many years of failure.  

Then, I saw a post on LinkedIn where someone referenced Courtney Kirschbaum, the CEO of Job Hunt School. The title got my attention, so I requested some more information. Immediately, upon reviewing the materials, I realized that I needed to enroll in Job Hunt School. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The information is so relevant and applies to every jobseeker.  

Finding a job has become increasingly difficult because of the global competition, but Job Hunt School will let you in on the secrets that have eluded you for so long. If you are wondering why you haven't gotten a call-back or an interview, or worse why you didn't get the job after an interview, try Job Hunt School. It is a small investment for priceless information. 

Destiny Simms, North Carolina, USA

Start Banking Salary

If you make $90,000 a year, each month of job hunting costs you $7,5oo in salary. They average job hunt is 6 months, longer if you're a manager or leader. For less than $500, you'll save months and can to recoup over $20,000 in salary 

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Two 45-minute, One-on-one Career Strategy Sessions with Job HuntSchool Founder, Courtney Kirschbaum 

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Career Package 

BEST VALUE: find and get a job while establishing a foundation for a more satisfying well-paid career in your ideal job.

The Complete Online Program with updates for the life of the program. PLUS: 

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Get it All the Minute You Enroll. 

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Polish Your Skills and Get a One-and-Done Refresher  

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The Complete Online Program Training in the 5 pillars of Your Job Hunt 1.) Know 2.) Contact 3.) Compose 4.) Connect 5.) Close  

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 Access to all resources. One Month membership in the Common Room.

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 (with Career Package Only)

Special Financing 3 Monthly Payments 


Are you a full-time student? Learn more about student pricing.

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Enroll Today and Get These BONUSES 

Learn the #1 rule to never, ever break on LinkedIn. Discover relative value of "likes," comments, and shares and how to get more of all three. Join live sessions with Courtney and Influential LinkedIn Digital Marketers and get answers to your questions and help with your unique challenges. 

 ($199 value) Included with Job Hunt School 

This checklist tells you what to do and when to do it to exit any job with tact and class. Would you rather stay but you're underpaid? Part two of this bonus tells you how to get the salary you want at your current job: what to ask, how to ask, words to leave out and phrases that get resuts. 

($99 Value) Included with Job Hunt School

80% of employers expect you to negotiate. Only 20% of candidates do. Imagine how you'll feel when you know you're better prepared than 99% of job seekers and your negotiation skills command respect from your future employer. Negotiation Training is yours the minute you enroll in Job Hunt School.  

($147 Value) Included with Job Hunt School Career & Premium Packages  

CLARIFYING what you want in your career can be challenging. . You'll get the Life Purpose Meditation, the Junkyard Meditation and the Clear Vision Meditation. Prepare to be clear and confident and to experience a few "a-ha' moments. 

($99 Value) Included with Job Hunt School!

Frequently Asked Questions

"Hey Courtney. How much time will this take? I'm so busy already ..."  

The course is self-paced and if you're motivated, you can complete it in a day. One of the most important benefits of Job Hunt School is it gives you the very things you need quickly and easily. Most of the trainings are under 20 minutes and you can listen to the MP3s anywhere. People who do this work describe it as energizing and inspiring.  

Ask yourself: what will happen if you don't do this? What will change? What will improve? Will you be in the same place in year? Are you happy with that?  

"I have full-time job and a lot going on. What if something comes up and I can't finish?"  

Job Hunt School is yours for life. You can take it at your own pace and revisit it anytime you job hunt or need to refresh. You'll also get all upgrades, special live QA sessions in the Common Room, updates to program content are all yours.

"Where do I go if I need help?"  

We are here to support you 9-5 Eastern Time 5 days a week. Those are our "official" hours, but like you, we're online a lot more often than that and don't be surprised if you get an after-hours response. And for your career-related questions, the Common Room is always there for you.

"What kinds of people do this?"  

The program ideal if you're a recent graduate who wants an exceptionally successful lauch to your career or If you're job hunting for the first time in a few years and want to make sure you know the latest trends and that your profiles, resume and cover letter are in top shape, Job Hunt School was designed with you in mind. 

"If it doesn't work out, can I get a refund?"  

Job Hunt School comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Our hope is that your career and life is forever transformed with the career skills you develop with this training. Your contribution to that outcome is to give your very best effort to implementing the strategies in Job Hunt School. Taking 100% responsibility is a core principle to all our work, for that reason, in order to be eligible for our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, you must submit proof that you did the course work and it did not work for you.  

If you do the full course work, don’t feel that it worked for you and submit your work within 30 days of purchase, we’ll promptly refund your course fee. If you do not include your completed coursework requirements within the 30 day period, no refund will be issued.

 Job Hunt School shows you the exact steps to execute an effective, successful job hunt.

I spent 20 years screening resumes, interviewing candidates and managing project teams. I know how job hunting and hiring work.  

I share proven methods to overcome the job hunting dead-ends keeping you stuck from achieving your financial and career goals.

I'll be sharing reliable strategies that make employers bend over backwards to get you in the door. 

Imagine what it will feel like to have doors open for you instead of non-responses and waiting.  

 Job Hunt School gives you ethical, values-based job hunting skills right now, when they matter most to your career.

If you're still here, you owe it to yourself to try Job Hunt School.

What People Who Work with Courtney Say ...

"I found new ways to push myself ..." 

I came away not only feeling more professionally motivated, but like I had some of the tools to really help me better work towards achieving my goals.

Jessica Brice, South Bend, IN

"You have given me the courage to pursue my passion..."

"Not only were your words uplifting and encouraging, but extremely helpful and life changing. have given me the courage to pursue my passion. You truly have a gift. "  

Tisha Deloney, Arlington, VA

100% Satisfaction "Get a Job" Guarantee

Job Hunt School comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Our hope is that your career and life is forever transformed with the job hunt skills you develpop with this training. Your contribution to that outcome is to give your very best effort implementing the strategies in Job Hunt School. Taking 100% responsibility is a core principle to all our work, for that reason, in order to be eligible for our Get or Job or Get Your Money Back Guarantee, you must submit proof that you did the course work and it did not work for you.  

If you do the full course work, don’t feel that it worked for you and submit your completed work within 97 days of purchase, we’ll promptly refund your course fee. If you do not include your completed coursework no refund can be issued. 

About Job Hunt School Founder, Courtney Kirschbaum

Award-winning speaker and TEDx presenter, Courtney Kirschbaum led mission-critical global programs for the world’s largest consulting firms for almost 20 years. Interviewing and hiring professionals at all levels, Courtney knows firsthand what it takes to open doors, get offers and execute respect-getting negotiations for your salary and more. If you read Fast Company, Business News Daily or CIO Magazine, you may have already seen her career advice. At talks at companies and universities all over the US and Canada, Courtney has inspired thousands of young professionals and job seekers to have confidence in their highest ambitions and achieve more and she's given them the practical tools and experienced-based know-how to do it.  

She founded Job Hunt School to teach you how to be a free agent, manage your career intelligently and defensively and enjoy more financial and personal freedom.