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If you're ready to... 

  • Feel more confident.
  • Execute against a proven, a step-by-step plan.
  • Attract the right recruiters & employers.
  • Receive offers at the top of the salary range.
  • Take control of the pace of your career. 

 A message from Job Hunt School creator Courtney Kirschbaum.


"How many times have you just wished someone would tell you plainly how to get where you want to go in your career? Courtney Kirschbaum, founder and CEO of Job Hunt School does. These are the resources you've been looking for to help with your search. Do yourself a favor and learn a faster way to connect yourself with results." 

Brad Donze, Client Relations professional, USA 

A Common Sense, Effective Way To Get A Better Job & Career. 

🛡 Know what you want and how to find the job you want. 

🛡 Learn how to make employers want to hire you.

🛡 Be able to say "No" to good offers and "Yes!" to great ones. 

  • Get triggers proven to attract more employers and recruiters.  
  • The LinkedIn bonus feature proven to attract a steady stream of profile views & connections.  
  • Makes recruiters and employers say, "I like what I see! How soon can we talk?" 
  • Easy to follow templates that make your materials pitch-perfect.  
  • Job Hunt School is an information-packed, "Do This, Not That" formula that's modular, fast and takes your job hunt from crickets to standing ovation.  

If you want to take control of your career, Job Hunt School might be right for you. 

Here's What You'll Get In Job Hunt School

As soon as you enroll, you'll get instant access to all program materials in your private member area. 

Five sections of video-based, answers and tactics delivered to you in short, tell-it-like-it-is videos and live coaching sessions. 

Watch online or download the videos, MP3s and cheat sheets. Go through the program at your own pace. All the materials and updates are yours for life.

Questions? We've got you covered. Join a live coaching session. 

Get out of the waiting room of your own career

 Five "A-ha" Moment Packed Modules

1. KNOW What you want and how to get it

"So far the course it's been a journey of discovery lots of new things. It gives you many ways to achieve success when job hunting and also clears your mind on what you want to do. Excellent job Courtney! I call this pure gold. Thank you so much! My family will thank you forever 🙏." 

Rosalio Morales, Texas USA

  • In eight compelling words (or less,) you'll state what you do and for whom.
  • Learn what freely available resource will help you set your correct salary for a given job in a given market.
  • Impress an employer with your "superpower" and give two examples of where and how you created value using it.
  • Use these three stories that will make you the candidate they remember (and who they'll want!)

You'll Feel like you know what you're doing

  • “Why did you leave your last job?” answer it perfectly, no matter how you left your last job.
  • Learn how to design a values-based job search and how it brings you more success.
  • The “potluck dinner” trick to dissolve your job search anxiety. 
  • A job hunt checklist to get you on track and moving fast .
  • A step-by-step method to determine your value and set your salary in the marketplace. (Most popular in this section👍)

2. CONTACT the people and opportunities that inspire

Find jobs (that aren't advertised.) 

"I just finished reviewing "Contact" on Job Hunt School. I realize I have been doing this process all wrong which explains my years of frustration. 

I decided to go straight to the source of the job I wanted. The person actually conversed with me and encouraged me to submit an application. These insights are amazing!" - 

Destiny Simms, USA

Easily and comfortably contact the people and organizations who want what you offer.

  • What to put in your profiles that makes employers click "Connect."
  • What to do to your profile photo to increase your click rate by 40%  
  • How to find the job you really want on the “dark market.” The want ads and job boards offer just a sliver of what's available and usually not what you want. Don’t settle. Learn how to navigate this side of the job market. (Most popular in this section👍)
  • How to quickly and easily get past keyword scanners.  
  • When to apply, even if you think you're not qualified and how to get employers to see your potential. 
  • A checklist for what to do and what not to do when working with recruiters. 

3. COMPOSE career elevating profiles and marketing

  • Learn the three-letter trick that gets employers interested and excited to learn more about you. 
  • Get a profile that inspires people to contact you, saying, "Great profile" or "Excellent headline!" 
  • Do your professional peers connect with you regularly on LinkedIn? One a week? A month? A year?

Have you ever suspected your profiles or resume might be holding you back? Do you have a plan to do something about it?

  • Professional copywriting tools to create original, compelling profiles that give you a polished, professional image.  
  • The resume mistake 99% of people make; the "ABC" method to fix it fast. (Most popular in this section👍)
  • The visual secrets to creating a resume that people want to pick up and read.
  • The 4-Corner tool to write an interview-getting cover letter in the right format and length to get read, respected and responded to. 
  • How to authentically promote yourself in all your writing with elegance, not ego. 

4. CONNECT and control your career trajectory

" I joined in just a couple of days ago. I highly recommend utilizing the "Unforgettable Interview Tool" in the Connect section of the class material. I used it to prepare for my phone interview today. It truly helped me structure my pitch as well as helping me discuss all my important strengths relevant to the job and provide examples to substantiate them. Thank you Courtney Kirschbaum." 

Job Hunt School Shcholar, USA 

 Go from "I'm not a great interviewer," to "I nailed it!"

  • The five kinds of social proof that make employers trust you to do the job and make them want to hire you? 
  • Get the secret ingredient that will make a hiring manager want to make you an offer on the spot. 
  • A foolproof way to say, "No, thank you" to offers in a way that will make them practically beg to know what they have to do to get you to say "Yes"?
  • Five social proof tactics that make them run into a burning building to hire you.  
  • Five psychological tactics to get decision-makers to hire you.
  • The art of curating your own “brand” (even if you don’t think you have one.)  
  • A one-hour trick to interview better than 99% of other candidates. (Most popular in this section👍)
  • Learn the four things hiring managers look for before making an offer.
  • How to use social proof to get more conversions from your profiles and resume.  
  • Getting the job can be a matter of a few phrases in the right place at the right time. Learn them.

5. CLOSE deals and move closer to your goals

You won't sign away your rights without realizing it.  

  • Get the key to unlock the common restrictive clauses in your employment contract. 
  • Know how to get restrictive clauses to be removed in a way that will make them respect and want to hire you even more.
  • Learn the one the one thing your salary figure should have that will make them more likely to say, "Yes, we can do that" and give you what you want with out a tedious back and forth. 

If you don't learn these things in Job Hunt School, please learn them somewhere. 

  • How to succeed in your negotiation using the "Surrender Ritual."
  • Learn the steps to manage your negotiation from start to finish (Most popular in this section👍)  
  • Five decision traps to avoid in your job hunt (and your career.)  
  • What's TCP? And how to get the best one.  
  • The "NDA Tactic" so you never give up your salary again, even to the toughest negotiator. 
  • Find out when you have the MOST power in the interview process. 
  • Avoid Signing Bonus traps.
  • Magic trick get out of your contract restrictive covenant that can steal of to two years of your freedom to choose your next employer.
  • Answers to your questions about money, benefits and the sublime to ridiculous job seeker predicaments.

Coaching & Support 

The minute you enroll, you can hang out in the Career Common Room our exclusive, private online community where scholars go to ask real questions and get real life, tell-it-like-it-is answers. You can also get answers to your questions about the content in each training. One of our team will have an answer for you. 

Each month, live coaching sessions are part of the program. Attend a scheduled session or request a special topic session.  

In this friendly, open community of supportive, positive people, you'll see how others are experiencing their job hunt and career. Grab a seat, take a deep breath and tell me what's on your mind. 

"I Got the Job!"

"I can't tell you how valuable this is."

I feel like I stumbled upon the world's greatest gem. 

Marissa Maitland, New Hampshire

"I got the job!"

I have to say it was because of you! I was so scared to try because of fear of rejection but your program gave me the confidence to put myself out there...

Marissa Lafata, Virginia USA

"You have got to hear Courtney"

She will help you recognize your value and give you the motivation you need to stretch for loftier goals, share and achieve them.  

Jan Neal, Nashville, Tenessee

"A master at what she does"

Courtney Kirschbaum is a master at what she does - inspiring people. She advocates and encourages others not to play it safe.

TaVon Wilson, Washington D.C

"I am blown away by the detailed information

Courtney gives in this program! 

Kenzie Kohler, Vail, Colorado

"I am at a major crossroads in my career"

and not 100% sure of what I want to do. You’ve given me the courage to go after what I want.  

Daisy Buck Kohler, Birmingham, Alabama

"Suddenly, I found myself unemployed...

I knew that I had to do something fast, but what? I had had several years of unsuccessful applications and job interviews prior to landing my most recent employment. I wondered how I would secure a new job with so many years of failure.  

Then, I saw a post on LinkedIn where someone referenced Courtney Kirschbaum, the CEO of Job Hunt School. The title got my attention, so I requested some more information. Immediately, upon reviewing the materials, I realized that I needed to enroll in Job Hunt School. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. 

Job Hunt School will let you in on the secrets that have eluded you for so long. If you are wondering why you haven't gotten a call-back or an interview, or worse why you didn't get the job after an interview, try Job Hunt School. It is a small investment for priceless information. 

Destiny Simms, North Carolina, USA

This is for you if...

  • You're not sure how to go about your job hunt, what tools to use, what the "rules" are... 
  • You haven’t executed a job hunt in the three years or it's your first professional job hunt (Learn about student pricing here.)
  • You don't have much time.  
  • You became unemployed unexpectedly.
  • Your confidence is low.  
  • You’re under-employed.
  • You've been job hunting and not seeing results. 
  • There are interview questions you don’t know how to answer and that make you anxious.  
  • You don’t know how to set your salary. 
  • You've never had basic negotiation training.
  • You’re underpaid. 
  • You need get this right.
  • You want answers you can trust. 

Enroll Today and these four bonuses are yours!

Learn the #1 rule to never, ever break on LinkedIn. Discover relative value of "likes," comments, and shares and how to get more of all three. Learn how to build an exceptional profile that gets seen and gets results. 

What people say about LinkedIn Boost

"So far, four Managing Directors contacted me about how I can help their company and how we can work together."  

Alagu Suthan Mariappan, Singapore Professional Profile Edit Customer  

"It was not until I met Courtney that I began to understand the inner workings of LinkedIn and how subtle changes in the profile can create massive response from the community. Well worth the investment. Great job Courtney !"

Marek Waselewski, Award-winning global strategist, Texas USA  

"I loved it. Big thumbs up. Learnt lots of new things and ideas. Presentation was perfect as well, great annotations and descriptions."

Jason Noble Global Customer Service Director, VP & Leader, United Kingdom 

($199 value) Included with Job Hunt School 

This checklist tells you what to do and when to do it to exit any job with tact and class. Would you rather stay but you're underpaid? Part two of this bonus tells you how to get the salary you want at your current job: what to ask, how to ask, words to leave out and phrases that get resuts. 

($99 Value) Included with Job Hunt School

80% of employers expect you to negotiate. Only 20% of candidates do. Imagine how you'll feel when you know you're better prepared than 99% of job seekers and your negotiation skills command respect from your future employer. Negotiation Training is yours the minute you enroll in Job Hunt School.  

($199 Value) Included with Job Hunt School 

CLARIFYING what you want in your career can be challenging. You'll get the Life Purpose Meditation, the Junkyard Meditation and the Clear Vision Meditation. Imagine feeling clarity, freedom and confidence and get ready to experience a few "a-ha' moments. 

($49 Value) Included with Job Hunt School!

A Robust Collection of Amazing Job Hunt Resources & Tools

You may not have even known some of these existed. All Job Hunt School Resources are selected based on their power to make your job hunt easier, quicker and more effective. We are always updating and adding new tools for you. These are there for you th minute you enroll.  

  • Keyword scanner to get your resume past ATS screening tools
  • Find thousands of FREE, professional-quality photos 
  • Graphic design resources and editing for professional-quality graphics
  • Writing and grammar tools 
  • Automated cover letter writer  
  • Market test your profile photo with live, real-time focus groups
  • An add-on to easily find unpublished email addresses
  • A time-saving modern resume building tool.
  • Social media feed clean-up tool
  • Online app for you to organize and track your applications
  • A tool to grab and use video clips 

Need Help or Have Questions? 

Let us help you get the information you need to make the right choice for you.


Let's do the math -

Here's everything included in your tuition.

It's important that you understand the value of your investment. Here's a breakdown of the value of Job Hunt School components.

  • Core 5 modules training of Job Hunt School created over three years and comprised of thousands of dollars of time invested to refined and focused on the core elements that will bring you results. This includes 100% portable MP3, streaming video, cheat sheets, resources and guides. ($1999 value)


  • Live coaching calls with Courtney. I answer those one-off questions that reflect your unique situation or the interview question that makes you panic. You can depend on me to do my best to help you make progress. Last price on my now discontinued one-on-coaching offering started at $7000. ($999 value)

  • Negotiation Training. Learn how to set your salary, handle too-low offers and more. Does it work? A recent graduate just negotiated a 25% increase in salary. With that, she paid for the cost of Job Hunt School 26 times over! ($199 value (and the salary increase you negotiate the latest one was $13k!)

  • LinkedIn Boost Mini Course. Master this emerging platform and join a ready-made group of supporters. $199 value

  • Resign Right. Enjoy access to insider information from HR professionals, and 20 years of examples of resigning done right. Transition elegantly ($99 value)

  • Mindset Meditations You get these the minute you enroll. Clear your head right from the start. ($49 value)

  • A private community of other job seekers who will support you and share ideas and insights and more. ($399 Value)

  • Non-expiring access to the program as a resource to manage your career like a savvy entrepreneur and refresh your skills each time you job hunt.

Total Job Hunt School Value $3943

Total Job Hunt School Investment Only $499

Get Started Now.

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Get the complete program: non-expring access to your private member area, MP3s, MP4s, Four Bonuses including LinkedIn Boost & Negotiation Training; Coaching Calls & Common Room Membership. 

Get a custom strategy. You get everything in the complete program + 🏵 and a custom LinkedIn Profile paired with a resume revision and two 60-min strategy sessions with JHS founder Courtney Kirschbaum.

Need more flexibility? Try our new payment play. Six payments of $99.97

Get Started Now 

Choose The Plan That Works Best For Your Career



Get the complete program: non-expring access to your private member area, MP3s, MP4s, Four Bonuses including LinkedIn Boost & Negotiation Training; Coaching Calls & Common Room Membership. 



The entire program + 🏵 add a custom LinkedIn Profile, Resume revision and two 60-min strategy sessions with JHS founder Courtney Kirschbaum.

Need more flexibility? Try our new payment plan. Six monthly payments of $99.97.

Are you a full-time student? Learn more about student pricing.

 Yes! We have a scholarship program. Learn more. 

"Can I afford to do this..."  

Can you afford not to? If you're not getting calls and suspect something is wrong, it probably is. If you haven't looked for a job in a while, the game has changed. Being a candidate today is a marketing exercise and there's a minefield of legal traps that can restrict your career choices for years.  

If you don't get it right the first time, you'll be passed over even in this market. If you "wing it" without a plan and strategy, you risk becoming a "stale candidate."  

Ask yourself: what will happen if you don't do this? 

"Who is this for?" Smart job seekers who want a fast, effective plan to get a job.

If you want to...

Enjoy a shorter job hunt, better offers. Enroll now. 

Know what the $#%& is going on instead of having lots of unanswered questions and feeling frustrations. Enroll now.

Avoid the increasing number and kinds of restrictive clauses in even the most basic employment contract, Enroll today. 

Get answers and data you can trust to execute your choices against.  

"Where do I go if I need help?"  

You can ask questions in the comments 24/7 and see the questions and answers of other scholars. We are crazy responsive.  

You'll also be able to talk with Courtney, her team and other scholars in the private Common Room We are here to support you 9-5 Eastern Time 5 days a week. Those are our "official" hours, but like you, we're online a lot more often than that and don't be surprised if you get an after-hours response. 

"If it doesn't work out, can I get a refund?"  

Job Hunt School comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee.  

 Job Hunt School shows you the exact steps to execute an effective, successful job hunt.

Imagine having doors open for you and being treated wth respect in your job hunt.

 Job Hunt School gives you current, ethical, values-based job hunting know-how. 

If you're still here, you owe it to yourself to try Job Hunt School.

What People Who Work with Courtney Say ...

"I found new ways to push myself ..." 

I came away not only feeling more professionally motivated, but like I had some of the tools to really help me better work towards achieving my goals.

Jessica Brice, South Bend, IN

"You have given me the courage to pursue my passion..."

"Not only were your words uplifting and encouraging, but extremely helpful and life changing. have given me the courage to pursue my passion. You truly have a gift. "  

Tisha Deloney, Arlington, VA

100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee

Job Hunt School comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Our hope is that your career and life is transformed with the job hunt skills you develpop with this training. Your contribution to that outcome is to give your very best effort implementing the strategies in Job Hunt School. Taking 100% responsibility is a core principle to all our work, for that reason, in order to be eligible for our Money Back Guarantee, you must submit proof that you did the course work and it did not work for you.  

If you do the full course work, don’t feel that it worked for you and submit your completed work within 30 days of purchase, we’ll promptly refund your course fee. If you do not include your completed coursework no refund can be issued. 

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Get the complete program: non-expring access to your private member area, MP3s, MP4s, 4 Bonuses, Coaching Calls & Common Room Membership Negotiation Training & LinkedIn Boost 



The complete program + 🏵 add a custom LinkedIn Profile, Resume revision and two 60-min strategy sessions with JHS founder Courtney Kirschbaum.

Need more flexibility? Try our new payment plan. Six payments of $99.97

Get Started Now

Choose The Plan That Works Best For Your Career





Get the entire program: non-expring access to your private member area, MP3s, MP4s, 4 Bonuses, Coaching Calls & Common Room Membership. 

The entire program + 🏵 add a custom LinkedIn Profile, Resume revision and a 60-min strategy session with JHS founder Courtney Kirschbaum.

Need more flexibility? Try our new payment plan. Six payment of $99.97

About Job Hunt School Founder, Courtney Kirschbaum

Award-winning speaker and TEDx presenter, Courtney Kirschbaum led mission-critical global programs for the world’s largest consulting firms for almost 20 years. 

If you read Fast Company, Business News Daily or CIO Magazine, you may have already seen her career advice.

Courtney knows firsthand what it takes to open doors, get offers and execute respect-getting negotiations for your salary and more. At talks at companies and universities all over the US and Canada, Courtney has inspired thousands of young professionals and job seekers to have confidence in their highest ambitions and achieve more.

She founded Job Hunt School to teach you how to job hunt, more effectively manage your career and enjoy more financial and personal freedom.