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Job Hunt School is everything you need for a successful modern job hunt

The career you've always wanted and the freedom, too.

 "I absolutely love, love, love my new job! I just had orientation today. I'm working for a company that believes in helping people. I love the culture. It is my dream job. Really! Job Hunt School Works." Destiny Simms - Job Hunt School Scholar

What is Job Hunt School?

Whether you're job hunting or thinking of changing careers, you're in the right place because job hunting and careers are changing fast and you don't want your career to be left behind.

Welcome to an online, self-paced program for professionals who want to learn modern job hunt tactics and career strategies to enjoy better jobs, higher earnings, and more freedom. Pair that with unlimited support and live coaching whenever you need it.

You're joining a community for people who want professional autonomy and freedom while building a career that has an impact.

"These are the resources you've been looking for to help with your search. Do yourself a favor and learn a faster way to connect yourself with results." 

Brad Donze, Client Relations Professional, USA 

"It's simply superb. It’s really helpful, especially with the interactive sessions with you Courtney." 

Each person has a different requirement during their job search. Customized job search plans from you were the most amazing part of JHS."  

Bhargavi Gogulampati, Engineer

"From someone who’s been in the corporate world for 35 years, Job Hunt School is the only place where I was able to find the material that made a difference."

The only place where I found a methodology, the tools, the materials and the commitment from its owner to make a difference."  

Mark Wendorf, Sales Expert

This you?

"I don't want to go back to the office."

"How long can I live on my savings if I just quit?"

"I HATE what I'm doing! Is it too late to change careers?"

"I feel trapped and I'm tired of doubting myself."

"I want to do something else, but I don't want to go back to school. What can I do?"

"I'm worried I'm too old..."

"I feel like I don't have any transferable skills"

"I'm overwhelmed! I need a plan."

What you need when you need it

  • Five, video-based, easy-to-follow self-paced training modules tell you everything from knowing what you want to how to find it. Do-this-not-that steps, templates, checklists, and resources galore. All inside your private learning platform you can access whenever you want. This is experience-based training that it would take you years to compile on your own. That's not all.
  •  Work on your schedule. Watch online in your private learning platform or download the MP3s and learn on the go. Interact with the class as much or as little as you like.
  •  The Job Hunt School program includes all content updates unlimited support and personal mentors giving you unlimited support.
  •  A community where you'll connect with coaches who will review your work, answer your questions, and where you can meet the others.
  • You can't fall behind. You can go at your own pace and do what works for your schedule.

Collaborate with our coaches and build your career community

"Thank you so much for making a very big difference in my life."

"Job Hunt School was just the beginning of a wonderful journey."

You have not only provided a job hunt road map with many tips and hints that enhanced my knowledge, but you also provided a support forum as well as your own support. The Job Hunt School is a beautiful mix of on-line learning with resources and examples, but also an interactive program that engages. This program was exactly what I needed to view the search from a different perspective. 

Susan Boster, California, USA

Our Curriculum

"I just finished reviewing "Contact" in Job Hunt School. I realize I have been doing this process all wrong which explains my years of frustration. 

These insights are amazing!" 

Destiny Simms, USA


  • Have more confidence
  • Knowing your values and value proposition
  • Know exactly where to research and how to set a salary.
  • Knowing how to manage a successful job hunt
  • Know exactly what you want

"I just wrote my first three cover letters since seeing this [Job Hunt School] video. It's so much less agonizing. I used to hate writing cover letters (and I'm someone who really loves to write)." 

Caitlin Lemon, MA, North Carolina, USA  


  • Changes to your LinkedIn profile to attract jobs.
  • What makes your resumé irresistible
  • Know where and how companies look for candidates
  • Easily bypass scanners and automated systems
  • How to write a perfect cover letter in under 10 minutes
  • Why your headline and this matter more than anything
  • The one thing every hiring manager wants to know

"I highly recommend utilizing the 'Unforgettable Interview Tool' in the Connect section of the class material. I used it to prepare for my phone interview today. It truly helped me structure my pitch as well as helping me discuss all my important strengths relevant to the job and provide examples to substantiate them." 

Job Hunt School Scholar, USA 


  • How to use your experience to get a next-level job
  • How to escape bad contracts
  • The perfect response to "How much do you make now?"
  • Gracefully accept and decline any offer
  • Never get trapped in a bad job
  • Know exactly how to counter a "lowball" offer
  • Escape the signing bonus trap

You'll Also Get These


Leave any job with tact and class

BONUS: These two videos paired with a comprehensive checklist guaranteed to erase any worries you have about how to leave. ($500 Value)

Conduct a "no-nerves" negotiation

Bonus: This 5-video series and planning sheets are yours the minute you enroll in Job Hunt School. ($900 Value)

The best LinkedIn profile by a mile!

Bonus: everything you need to know to get past the fluff and sales on LinkedIn to get recruited for jobs you want. ($400 Value)


 50+ Resources & Tools

Our resources are selected based on their power to make you more effective

  • What you need to know about background checks
  • Ten places to get thousands of FREE, professional-quality photos 
  • An easy to use design resource and editing for professional-quality graphics
  • Five Make it easier writing and grammar tools 
  • Automated cover letter writer
  • Four language and grammar tools that make all your writing better and faster
  • A time-saving character-counter tool for easier headline and post-editing  
  • Market test your profile photo with live, real-time focus groups
  • An easy-to-use browser add-on that finds unpublished email addresses.
  • A time-saving resume-building tool. Looks brilliant and put the focus where it should be (on you!)
  • Social media clean-up tools
  • Online app for you to organize and track your applications
  • A running list of states & localities that have outlawed pay history questions
  • and many, many more.  

Scholar's share their success stories

"Thank you! "

"It's everything you need."


Frequently Asked Questions

"What is this new Membership?"

Membership is our way of getting valuable career resources and coaching to more people who need them and helping professionals like you safeguard their careers with knowledge and support.

"What is Job Hunt School?"

Job Hunt School is the world’s first online tactical career management school of its kind. A 5-module, video-based curriculum that shows you, step-by-step, how to build a career that reflects your values, safeguards your freedom, and teaches you how to market yourself and manage your career as a consummate professional, and as a free and autonomous person.

"How is this different from other programs?"

JHS is for you if you have a good grasp of the basics and want to use your bargaining chips wisely. You're ready to plan and execute a higher-level job search or maybe change careers. You want to take control of your career instead of having your current or future boss call the shots. We do cover things like resumé and cover letter but the focus is on more progressive tactics for more experienced, ambitious, high-achievers who have high expectations of their careers and don't have time to learn by hit-or-miss over time.

"Who is this for?"

JHS is for experienced, independence-driven professionals who seek high levels of success and value their freedom. You may feel impatient with the glacial pace of the average career growth. You know there's "privileged information" that's rarely shared and can take years to compile on your own and you want to expedite that process. You seek mastery and you're okay breaking away from the herd. Notes for Prospective Scholars will give you more insight into whether Job Hunt School is a fit.

Good questions to ask yourself: what will happen if you don't do this? Where will I be in a year? Is what I'm doing working?

"What if I need help or have a question specific to my situation?"  

You'll also be able to talk with Courtney and her team and other members. We're here to support you 9-4 Eastern Time 5 days a week. Those are our "official" hours, but like you, we're online a lot more often than that. Don't be surprised if you get an after-hours response. 

Our team is here to support you and we're very responsive. You can ask questions in the comments section of our private learning platform 24/7 and see the questions and answers of other scholars. 

"What if I want a live coach"

You'll be assigned a coach when you begin. Usually, this is Courtney, but not always. That coach will provide unlimited email support and you can book a single or package at members-only reduced pricing here.

"Why not just get someone to do my resume for me?"

If you're looking for the next job and are happy to be chosen rather then choose and have the budget to pay someone else to take the reins for you every time you look for job or have a career choice to make, Job Hunt School is probably not for you.

"Is there a guarantee?"  

Yes, we do this so there's no risk to you. Job Hunt School comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. You can see that here.  TLDR: members can cancel at any time,

Let's Crunch the Numbers!

Here's Everything Included In Job Hunt School

Since it's important to be completely clear on what any investment entails, we've created this breakdown of the components so you understand the value of this offer.

  • Core 5 modules training of Job Hunt School created over a decade and hundreds of thousands of dollars of time-value invested to refine the proven core elements. This includes 100% portable MP3, streaming video, checklists, resources, and guides ($7000 value)
  • Negotiation Training. Step-by-step training on how to negotiate with confidence. One of our members negotiated a 25% salary increase. ($900 value)
  • Cornerstone Profile Writing tool. Quickly and easily summarize your value and wow decision-makers.
  • How to Ask for a Pay Increase A complete system to support your request. ($1300 Value)
  • LinkedIn Boost mini-course demystifies everything about LinkedIn and shows you how to create a job getting profile. ($400 Value)
  • Resign Right. Enjoy access to insider information from HR professionals, and 20 years of lessons in leaving. ($500 value - priceless when they beg you to stay.)
  • Mindset Meditations You get these the minute you enroll. Clear your head right from the start. (Peace of mind is priceless)
  • 50+ resources. Convenient smart, right on time resources that will make you say, "WOW, I didn't even know this existed" ($500 value)

Total Job Hunt School Value $10,600

Total Job Hunt School Investment Only $1299.

Available only with a membership

Special offer closes May 31, 2022 Seats are limited. Sales will close when seats are sold.

How can we help?

Let us help you get the information you need to make the right choice for you.


100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee

This program is now offered as part of a membership package you may cancel at any time. Our hope is that your career and life are transformed with the skills you develop and the community you connect with here. Your contribution to that outcome is to give your very best effort in implementing the strategies in Job Hunt School. Taking 100% responsibility is a core principle of all our work.

If you do the full course work, don’t feel that it worked for you, and submit your completed work within 30 days of purchase, we’ll promptly refund your course fee. If you do not include your completed coursework no refund can be issued. 

Is Job Hunt School for You?

1. Job Hunt School is custom-made for those with a strong desire for free agency - both personal and financial. Ideal for professionals who love their work, yet also crave freedom and flexibility. We are not against employers. We are for you.

2. It's best suited to those with a robust sense of humor and who subscribe to the belief that just because something is serious doesn't mean it can't be fun.

3. If you offend easily, you may not be comfortable in this program. Experience has taught us that soft-pedaling or sugar-coating the sometimes harsh reality of work and business serves no one. There's an abundance of that variety of training in existence already. A high level of candor is Job Hunt School's "dialect" because it's efficient and it works. If you thrive on no-BS straight talk, you'll be right at home.

4. The ideas in job hunt school are strongly motivated by a desire to level the playing field of your job hunt and career. We work best for people who take 100% responsibility for their results.

5. We are not lawyers. This program is not intended as a substitute for legal advice of any kind. Employment and labor laws vary from country to country and state to state and change frequently. There are also regulatory agencies and other considerations

6. Our program is designed to provide accurate and authoritative information in regard to the subject matter covered. It is updated regularly.

7. Career Membership. We do not require applications. We rely on professionals to self-select based on what's a fit for you and your career. If you feel this is right for you, we would love to welcome you! If the information you need to make your choice is not on this page, please email our team with your questions. We're happy to help.

About the Founder

Courtney Kirschbaum loves to help professionals job hunt defensively and manage their careers with whip-smart, experience-based strategy.

She's living proof that there's life after a corporate career. After leading mission-critical global programs for the world’s largest consulting firms for over 15 years, Courtney knows firsthand what it takes to open doors, get offers and protect your rights and freedom. In 2013, she changed course and founded her own company to offer insights she wished someone had offered her.

An award-winning speaker and TEDx presenter and writer, if you read Medium, Fast Company, Business News Daily or CIO Magazine, you may have already seen her career advice.  

Courtney's superpower is inspiring you to have the knowledge and confidence to achieve bigger goals and enjoy your career without sacrificing your freedom whether you're in the office remote.