Are you read to make a change in your career?

If the pace of your career is not meeting your expectations, consider investing in yourself instead of more late nights for your employer. If you're not thrilled by the pace of advancement offered by most employers, then you're in the right place to do something about it. 

What's career strategy anyway? What do I do? If you speak to anyone I've worked with, they'll probably say something like this: "Courtney gave me confidence. She built me up she made me believe I could do things I would not have even considered before."  

 I inspire people to go for their most ambitious career goals. That's my super power and I give you smart strategies that work. Autonomy, freedom, respect and professional recognition are all within your reach, but you have to make the move to get them. These are not things your employer bestows on you.  

What can you expect? Expect to be informed, inspired and feel excited about your career and where you're going. I've been where you are and I know your work 'coach' or boss may have the authority to promote you or give you a raise, but they aren't going to coach you to your potential. The reality is most will never advance you above themselves (most won't coach you to their level.)  

I offer a practical, proven way for you to get optimum results for the hard work and commitment you give to your career; I work with the best and the brightest, go-getters, game changers and people who believe one person's ethical leadership can change the world. I hope we can work together because the world needs leaders like you.  

All the best,

Expect Results

Do you work in a meritocracy?

Meet Courtney Kirschbaum, Strategist, Speaker, Champion

"I believe in people and I champion them."

Courtney helps clients realize their potential with realistic career strategies and insider tactics not taught in college or trade schools.

She worked for the the top companies in the world as international program manager and spent over a decade as an expatriate hiring and developing talent throughout Europe and Asia, learning the intricacies of corporate policitcs and the realities they never talk about in college. 

In 2013, she was selected as one of eWomen Network's top 5 speakers. In 2014, she gave the closing talk at TEDx Edmonton. Her career advice has been featured in Fast Company, Business News Daily, and CIO magazine, 

Courtney helps you take control of your caeer. You can lead, be a philanthropist, have time freedom and choose the opportunities you want. 

Courtney donates a portion of all program profits and a portion of her speaking fees to the Pathways to Success Youth Project, which teaches students success tactics and strategies giving them the skills and confidence to go after their dreams.  

What people who've worked with Courtney have to say ...

"A master at what she does"

Courtney Kirschbaum is a master at what she does - inspring people. She advocates and encourages others not to play it safe.

TaVon Wilson

"You have got to hear Courtney"

She will help you recognize your value and give you the motivation you need to stretch for loftier goals, share and achieve them.  

Jan Neal

"Positive change and real action."

Courtney has the powerful ability to inspire in a way that evokes positive change and real action. 

Emiko Ohama

"Courtney inspired me to go forth in my dream of ... "

creating a non-profit organization for girls who are songwriters by letting me know that I have the skills and fire within me to do so. 

Loren Lazono

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